Reconciling Pan-Arabism and Pan-Africanism: The North African Leadership Dilemma

  • Radwa Saad African Leadership Centre, King’s College London
Keywords: pan-arabism, pan-africanism, leadership


The purpose of this research to examine the challenges Arab leaders face in simultaneously adhering to Pan-Arabism and Pan-Africanism and extract conditions in which the two ideologies can be reconciled to produce mutual benefits. This study poses the question: what strategies do North-African leaders deploy to balance their Pan-Arab and Pan-African commitments and what repercussions do these strategies have on the state of Arab-African relations? By drawing on two scenarios where Pan-Arabism and Pan-Africanism conflicted, namely the 1967-1979 Arab-Israeli Conflict and the 2011 Libyan civil war, it will highlight the role leadership can play in mediating such tensions. The study finds that it is only through the decrease of hegemonic pursuits and the increase in effective leadership processes both domestically and regionally that the two ideologies can coexist.
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Saad, R. (2019). Reconciling Pan-Arabism and Pan-Africanism: The North African Leadership Dilemma. Leadership & Developing Societies, 3(1), 1-32.