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Leadership and Developing Societies is an academic peer-reviewed journal published by the African Leadership Centre. It motivates original thinking and high-quality analysis on the interaction between leadership and the security-development nexus with a global focus on the developing world. It fills an important gap by examining leadership as a distinctive aspect of security and development processes and not simply as a by-product of institution building. It provides empirically grounded analysis of the interactions between security and development; and bridges the theory and practice of leadership in developing societies.


The Journal receives and publishes academic work from scholars of all ages at all levels of career. We welcome submissions from junior scholars, especially those from the Global South and including graduate and doctoral candidates. The journal has an expressed agenda to give space and voice to scholars not afforded opportunities to publish elsewhere; and provides additional peer-review rounds and support to younger authors to assist in that endeavour. 
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Prior to submitting any article please contact the Managing Editor Barney Walsh on email (barney.walsh@kcl.ac.uk) with an abstract of your article.

Current Issue

Vol. 5 No. 1 (2020): Theories of Statehood and Multi-level Governance
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This special issue revisits notions of governance and statehood in the developing world, exploring notions of extended statehood and multi-level governance in Africa and beyond. The articles here challenge some of the mainstream assumptions and notions of statehood that have often been imposed on or encouraged within developing world contexts, regardless of the realities found within these dynamic, complex societies. This issue posits that a post-Weberian model of Extended Statehood has better applicability within the realities of multi-level governance found in the developing world.

This special issue is part of the African Leadership Centre's ongoing research on Peace, Society, and the State in Africa, which interrogates the state in Africa (and elsewhere) in relation to the challenges of peacebuilding, as well as conflict and insecurity. Specifically, it is part of Research Cluster 2, which critically interrogates extant and dominant theories of statehood across the ideological spectrum and their utility for different contexts across time.

Published: 2020-12-23
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