The Leadership of Ilhan Omar - Representing voices of refugees


  • Habiba Dahir African Leadership Centre, King's College London



leadership, migration policy, United States


A week after his presidency began in 2017, Donald Trump passed an Executive Order travel ban which became more widely known as the Muslim Ban[1]. The Travel Ban is an executive order that prohibits seven Muslim-majority countries from entering into the United States. The Executive order was a policy delivered on the back of Trump’s Campaign trail rhetoric, being based on religious biasness, and racial and discriminatory migration policies that targeted refugees and immigrants. Three of the Muslim states listed in the ban are in Africa: Somalia, Libya and Sudan. The ban had immense impacts on Muslim communities by separating families and refugees depicted as a security threat.[2] As a result of this policy and accompanied negative political rhetoric, refugees have been left feeling marginalised and discriminated against.


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Author Biography

Habiba Dahir, African Leadership Centre, King's College London

Ms Habiba Dahir holds a Master’s Degree and Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from United States International University (USIU). Before joining the fellowship, she was a program officer for the Women in international Security – Horn of Africa (HoA). She has also previously been part of the EU funded programme “Strengthening Resilience to Violent Extremism in the Horn of Africa” (STRIVE). In 2016, Habiba was trained by United States institute of peace (USIP) in Washington DC on Empowering communities- strategies of fostering resilience. Her research interest is broadly on the role of women in the peace and security arena, with a particular focus on the interventions by women in violent extremism prevention in Kenya and Nigeria.




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